APAC105003-Stair Clamp
    • APAC105003-Stair Clamp
    • APAC105003-Stair Clamp
    • APAC105003-Stair Clamp
    • APAC105003-Stair Clamp
Product Details

Code: 105003

Developed as an alternative fixing to the socket base

Suits any staircase profile, in-situ, pre-cast or steel

Mechanical Clamp

Interchangeable with flexible adjustment

Hot Dip Galvanized

Weight:  9.0kg

About Stair System:

Stair System using unique stair clamp, adjustable link bar and stair post can form a stair guard system in minutes.


The new staircase solution provides a cost effective way of constructing proprietary staircase handrails in half the time of more traditional methods.



Clamping and fixing options for temporary handrails for the construction of precast and structural steel work staircases.

Bolting, clamping or drilling options.

The standard Staircase Post and Adjustable Link Bar system will speedily ensure temporary staircase handrails and landing bays are erected safely and securely on time.

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