Steel I Beam Attachment
    • Steel I Beam Attachment
    • Steel I Beam Attachment
    • Steel I Beam Attachment
    • Steel I Beam Attachment
Product Details

Code: 103003
Pre-installed attachments in the framework onto steel beam considerably facilitate the attachment of the edge protection as the attachment already is in place.
Installed with cc up to 2,4 m.
Hot dip galvanized.
Weight: 7kg.

About APAC Steel Structure Edge Protection:

APAC Steel Structure temporary edge protection offers safety solutions that suit all stages of structural steel work erection. From engineering and fabrication stage by welding pre-mounted sockets, through to post drilling and bolting using our Beam Attachment and in situ erection with our advanced Adjustable I-Beam Clamps.

APAC has uniquely engineered the clamps to offer both horizontal and vertical adjustment to suit the most complex beam, decking and roofing arrangements.


Two sizes of Adjustable I-Beam Clamps that cover flange widths from 100 to 700 mm and flange thickness up to 100mm.

Both clamp sizes can accommodate steel beam heights up to 1000mm.

Compatibility and ease of use is our paramount concern.

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