Guardrail with Clamp
    • Guardrail with Clamp
    • Guardrail with Clamp
    • Guardrail with Clamp
    • Guardrail with Clamp
Product Details

Guardrail with clamp

Code: APAC106010

Suitable for concrete and wood: this edge protection system has been realized and certified to be used as support for temporary protection systems against falls during repair and installation works in yards; it enables to work on roofs (max. inclination 10°), stairs, balconies and terraces of civil and industrial buildings in full safety.

Weight: approx. 13.5 kg

State: chromating galvanizing (salt mist resistance 72 hours)

Opening: 800 mm

Board Nails or screws to be supplied upon request

Guardrail System


Step 1

Ensure Guardrail Clamp is fully 

inserted to edge of structure.

Step 2

Ensure the screw is fully tightened

Step 3

Repeat the Step 1 to fit another guardrail clmap and ensure the distance is 2.0m max.

Step 4

Insert the timber boards to the clamps

Step 5

To prevent the inserted board railings from falling 

off, they are secured by simply nailing or screwing 

them into place.

Step 6

Repeat the step 1 to Step 5 

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