APAC4230170-Infill Beam
    • APAC4230170-Infill Beam
    • APAC4230170-Infill Beam
    • APAC4230170-Infill Beam
    • APAC4230170-Infill Beam
Product Details

Designed as secondary beams to support plywood at permissible spans.  Safe Working Load: 40kN UDL Available Length: 1.8m, 1.2m & 0.9m

Code LengthThickness(mm)

About APAC Slab Formork Decking System:

CupDek Slab Formwork Decking System is a proven multi-purpose scaffold which can be used for all forms of access and support structures in the building, construction industries, viaduct,

offshore, shipyard, oil refineries, bridges, construction maintenance and building facade.

Benefits of the CupDek system:

• Faster to erect than traditional systems up to 4 components secured in one action

• Unique node point, no loose components

• High grade tube up to 25% lighter

• High damage resistant

• versatile bay sizes


CupDek Decking and Propping is versatile available in different sizes which provide a range of propping heights.

CupDek Slab Formwork are multifunctional and can be used to back-prop both beams and slabs until the concrete hascured.

They are also widely used to support floor centres on which decking plates are placed to form light slabs suitable for high rise building and low cost housing developments. The

floor centres are adjustable to cater for different widths between walls.

Special application:

The Cuplock system can be used for creating many special structures according to various needs and required of the customer such as podiums, suspended slab operation,

bridge decking etc.

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