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About Us

APAC Builders Equipment Co.,Ltd is a leading supplier in China that specialize in providing temporary edge fall protection and scaffolding solutions with competitive cost for construction projects.

We provide:

Protective system, consists of edge and fall protection system, temporary fence system; 

Scaffolding system, consists of ringlock scaffold,cuplock scaffold,aluminum scaffold tower; 

Falsework & formwork system, consists of slab support system and slab decking system; 

Specialist scaffolding-temporary roofing system.

Details info:

Temporary edge protection systems/Fall protection systems

 ◆  High performance products meets EN13374  Class A;

 ◆  Save workers life and reduce the accident cost for high profit;

 ◆  Rich supply experience for UK professional edge protection supplier;

 ◆  Deep understanding for european standards;

 ◆  Strong customized design capabilities;

 ◆  Timely, accurate and fast response from professional sales team with engineering background;


 ◆  Over 10 years experience in exporting to global clients;

 ◆  Ability to withstand loads meets standards of different countries and obtain the professional certification from US;

 ◆  Inhouse testing before shipment and provide testing certificate for clients;

 ◆  Up to 16 quality inspection processes;

Recently we supply our edge protection system for top 50 construction contractor in the world.and also continue supply goods for our clients from UK, Australia and other countries.

Qualified products is the foundation for construction workers safety. we focus on providing more durable,reliable construcition support and protection solution for global clients.

Safety is always the key point for us.


Welcome to learn more about our company and products.

Looking forward to growing with your company together.

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