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About Us

APAC Builders Equipment Co.,Ltd is the leader in the protecting objects and materials fall from height and improving safety work zone .

Our product portfolio comprises a broad range of production systems suitable for most construction challenges.


Headed by the industry-leading concrete frame system, our range also includes innovative solutions such as steel frame systems, timber frame systems, stair systems, and formwork solutions. 

Our entire product portfolio is accompanied by an unrivaled range of attachments, fixings, posts, and accessories to ensure that our products can be used universally.

What we offer ?


A working method has been developed in which we are involved as early as the design stage in developing solutions by following with an established methodology – an Edge Protection Analysis. We identify situations where there might be a risk of falling, and solutions are then specified at the design stage. We cooperate with the project management, designers, and local managers to create safe workplaces.



We provide technical support for our edge protection products and systems throughout the construction project. As we develop and manufacture all our edge protection products ourselves, we have all the skills required to design and resolve all edge protection situations that might occur in a construction project. We can also customize edge protection solutions based on customer needs.



We have established a quality assurance department to make sure that our products meet customer requirements. Based on the ISO9001 Quality Management System, our professional team strictly examines every procedure, from supplier verification to examination of raw materials, production, and finished products, to ensure the high quality of products.


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