Adjustable Parapet Slab Clamp for Fall Protection Guardrails

Adjustable Parapet Slab Clamp for Fall Protection Guardrails

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Parapet Slab Clamp is an adjustable and easy-to-use guardrail base, Parapet Slab Clamp can be used for guardrail walls and floors. The unique clamping design of Parapet Slab Clamp makes it easier to place and install. Parapet Slab Clamp can be adjusted to fit a parapet wall up to 18 inches. The guardrail post can be fixed to the Parapet Slab Clamp by a pin and connect the 2×4 guardrail board conveniently and quickly. By clamping the Parapet Slab Clamp, it can be installed on bare floors, sidewalks and decks or wherever you need a fall protection system. The maximum distance is 8 feet. Conforms to OSHA standards.

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Code: 504010
Weight: 8.5 kg
Surface: Zinc Plated/ Powder Coating
Accommodates: 30mm–450 mm Slab thickness

Parapet Slab Clamp Instructions

1. Adjust Parapet Slab Clamp to a width approx. 3-6” wider than the parapet and secure that position with supplied pin.

2. Place Parapet Slab Clamp over parapet with clamping screw to the outside, position, then tighten clamp securely with a hammer.

3. Install guardrail post into vertical tube on the inside, roof side, of the Parapet Slab Clamp. The bottom of the post will sit on the parapet clamp vertical tube providing the correct height for OSHA requirements.

4. Repeat with additional parapet slab clamps every 8 feet, or less, along the parapet. Make certain all clamps are securely tightened.

5. Install quality rail clamp fittings into guardrail post and connect safety rails in 8’ distance to establish the “Top Rail” and “Mid Rail” of the system. Tighten nuts.

APAC Parapet Slab Clamp Guardrail Benefits

Quick and Easy

Easy and quick adjustment with screw nuts to clamp the top of the parapet wall up to 18″. At first the screw nut can be quickly adjusted by hand, and when clamped to the parapet wall a hammer is used for quick clamping.


The end of the Parapet Slab Clamp tube has 1 1/2″ screws that securely grip and clamp to the wall by working with the screw nuts mounted on It. Withstands horizontal loads of over 250 lbs.


Meets and exceeds OSHA’s load capacity standards. Made of quality welded and durable steel. In addition, to ensure that the height of the railing meets OSHA regulations, our Parapet Slab Clamp guardrails are equipped with rail clamp fittings that allow for height adjustment of the safety railing, which can be placed 12″ to 45″ above the parapet wall. Simply loosen the screws on the rail clamp fittings and the safety rail can be slid to the proper height above the working surface.


Like all guardrail products produced by APAC, the Parapet Slab Clamp is durable and requires minimal investment.

APAC is your primer parapet slab clamp manufacture, all the clamps are made according to the EN13374 and OHSA standards. If you have any project in hand need the parapet Slab Clamps to set up safety guardrail systems, please feel free to contact us.

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