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Parapet Edge Protection to SA, Australia

Project sie: SA, Australia

Contractor: CG

Established since 1999, CG has gronw to become the largest access company in Australia and New Zealand.

CG has become an integrated services provider with the addition of cladding, insulation, sheet metal work, rope access and paint and blasting.

Edge Protection Supplier: APAC Builders Equipment Co., Ltd

Projet View:


Challenge: Before us APAC Parapet Edge Protection, our clients use tubing and couplers fixed to the slab as the guardrail. It costs a lot of labour works and time. 

Benifit of APAC Parapet Edge Protection: 

Simple – The system uses only 3 components to ensure ease of installation
Durable – HDG surface treatment
Versatile – Easy to assemble and install
Compliant – Complies with EN 13374  AS/NZS 4994.1

APAC parapet edge protection use a muti slab clamp to grab the slab, very easy to install, then insert a safety post into the slab clamp, at the last is put the link bar in to the latch housing, lock it safely by the latch pin. Three steps make the installation simple, save labour cost. 


Contact Us
  • Email: info@apacltd.com
  • Call: 0086-512-66700084
  • Add: No.2588 WuZhong Ave., Wuzhong District, Suzhou, China
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