Compression Post Barrier Clip for Full Height Edge Protection

Compression Post Barrier Clip for Full Height Edge Protection

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APAC’s Compression Post Barrier Clamp is designed for use with the Compression Post Edge Protection System, a robust and lightweight attachment that can be adjusted to any position on a compression post when used in conjunction with a barrier.

The Compression Post Barrier Clip provides an intelligent solution for adjusting the barrier height, positioning the mesh barrier safely in the required position.

APAC is a manufacturer of compression post barrier clips in China and you can find all types of edge protection systems in one place at APAC. We manufacture compression post barrier clips either in galvanized sheet metal or in an electro-galvanized finish, exactly to the precise needs of your project.

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Code: 106020
Galvanized Steel or Zinc Plated Surface Finish
Complies with EN 13374, class A;

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Typical Compression Post Full Height Edge Protection System


Compression Post Barrier Clip Assembly

APAC offers a one-stop solution for your construction site safety needs. If you use compression bollard edge protection systems, APAC offers a wide range of quality compression bollard barrier clips for your construction site.

The quality-made compression post barrier clips are made from Q235 steel. They are the main component of the compression post edge protection system and are used to fix the mesh barrier to the compression post.

You can find well-made compression post barrier clips with hooks designed to lock the mesh barrier in place. Depending on your specific application, we offer galvanized compression post barrier clips and painted compression post barrier clips.

In concrete or steel frameworks where drilling is not permitted, compression post edge protection systems are the best choice and the compression post barrier clips are an essential component.

The compression barrier clips are made from 4mm steel sheets which are formed, bent, punched, and assembled. They can be easily fixed to the compression post by hand or dismantled by means of integrated bolts and plum nuts.

In addition, if you require a customized compression post barrier clip, APAC can redesign and manufacture it to suit your needs. At APAC you will find all types of edge protection systems to suit your building project. With many years of experience, we manufacture edge protection systems and export them to different companies around the world.

APAC’s team of experts is familiar with European, British, Australian, Japanese, Canadian, South African, American, Singaporean, and many other international standards for fall protection.

If you have any questions about APAC compression post barrier clamps, please feel free to contact our team and you will receive an immediate and professional quote from us.

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