Concrete Edge Protection Multi Foot in Slab EN 13374 Class A

Concrete Edge Protection Multi Foot in Slab EN 13374 Class A

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The multi-foot is an integral part of the bolt-on edge protection system. It is an alternative to the TG foot or socket base.
The APAC Multi-Foot is suitable for all flat surfaces such as floor slabs and wood. It provides base support for APAC’s Bolt Down edge protection system.
APAC designed the Multi Foot to create a safer workplace and the Multi Foot complies with EN 13374, Class A, and AS 4994.1.
APAC’s Multi foot is a cost-effective solution where you can easily install fall protection at the edge of the slab.
In addition, we offer OEM/ODM services for your edge protection needs, so if you have a design, please feel free to send it to our team. We will help you to manufacture in our factory.

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Code: 101021
Weight: 2.0kg
Surface: Hot-dip galvanized.
Max. 2.4m center to center to support the posts
It can be used on concrete and Timber frame structures

How do we ensure edge protection Multi Foot quality?


Raw Material Examination

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing


Welding Examination


Dimension Examination


Assembly Examination


Loading Capacity Test

Why APAC Edge Protection Multi Foot?
Why APAC Edge Protection Multi Foot?

Typical TG Bolt Down Edge Protection Assembly

APAC specializes in Multi Foot for more than 6 years. We are capable to produce quality Multi Foot at more competitive prices.

Steel is best used for Multi Foot because it is high and abundant in strength for its weight. APAC Multi Feet are made from S235 grade steel with a diameter of 57mm.

We can expertly manufacture Multi Foot for different applications. You can find Multi Foot in the construction industries, civil engineering, and building projects, commercial and residential markets.

As a leading Edge Protection manufacturing factory, we can customize Multi Foot according to your specifications.

At APAC, we ensure that all of our Multi Feet are designed to EN 13374 / AS 4994 standard. If you want to custom your Multi Foot, APAC is able to satisfy your requirement.

APAC is your one-stop solution for superior-quality Edge Protection products. Contact us to get the competitive price for Multi Foot!

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