Concrete Frame Full Height Edge Protection Compression Post

Concrete Frame Full Height Edge Protection Compression Post

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The compression post is a safety edge protection post for installation in the floor to ceiling and other situations on construction sites. Quick and easy to erect, the compression post provides a floor height of up to 3.5m (11’6″) to fully contain the soffit. Compression posts can be easily installed by extending the inner tube to the ceiling and then activating the compression function via the screw jack at the bottom.

Using APAC compression posts in conjunction with mesh barriers allows for fully covered openings. The Toe Board integrated into the barrier will prevent debris and material from entering or leaving the floor and the mesh barrier acts as collective fall protection.

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Code: 102011
Weight: 12.0kg
No tools are required.
Fast, strong, and easy to work with.
Designed to support double-height barrier load requirements.
Slab to soffit compression for heights between 2.4m (8′) to 3.5 meters (11’6″)
Complies to EN 13374-A
Hot-Dip Galvanized or powder coating Surface

How do we ensure edge protection Compression Post quality?


Raw Material Examination

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing


Welding Examination


Dimension Examination


Assembly Examination


Loading Capacity Test

Why APAC Edge Protection Compression Post?

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Typical Compression Post Full Height Edge Protection System

Compression post is used to provide similar edge protection to anchoring or bolting methods, but with a different fixing method. Compression posts are fixed between the concrete floor and soffit without the need for anchoring to provide a quicker installation process. They are mainly used in concrete framing applications but can also be provided for fixing some steel frames.

The compression post is a key element of the APAC compression post edge protection system and it will be securely positioned and locked in the standing position by compression between the floor and soffit.

Single or multi-height panels can be fitted to the compression posts and the panels will be secured by means of compression post barrier clips.

Check the specification and install instructions below to get more information. Any needs of it, please contact us!

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