Construction Safety TG Barrier Clips Working At Height Safety

Construction Safety TG Barrier Clips Working At Height Safety

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APAC TG Barrier Clip is the component for TG Bolt Down Edge Protection. It provides the locking function of positioning and fixing the TG Mesh Barrier in a certain position on the TG Post 1.2m/1.8m.

The TG Barrier Clip is moveable and can be adjusted to any position on the TG Post. APAC’s TG Barrier Clip provides an intelligent solution for height adjustment of TG barriers. The TG Barrier Clip is a lightweight component of the TG Barrier Edge Protection System.

You can use our TG Barrier Clip in combination with TG Mesh Barriers and TG Posts, and it will hold the TG Mesh Barrier System in place at all times.

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Code: 105003
Weight: 0.5kg
Surface: Zinc Plated/Powder Coated
Combined with the TG Foot, TG post to provide vertical support to hold the TG Barrier in right place.

How do we ensure edge protection TG Barrier Clip quality?


Raw Material Examination

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing


Welding Examination


Dimension Examination


Assembly Examination


Loading Capacity Test

Why APAC Edge Protection TG Barrier Clips?

Why APAC Edge Protection TG Barrier Clips?

Typical TG Bolt Down Edge Protection Assembly

APAC is a leading producer and supplier of TG Barrier Clips. We completely designed the TG Barrier Clip by following standards for your satisfaction.

All of our TG Barrier Clips are rigorously designed and produced according to quality standards such as EN13374 and AS/NZS 4994.1 standards for better performance.

You can easily acquire APAC TG Barrier Clips or custom them per your needs. With our vast knowledge and experience in the edge protection industry, APAC has become one of the popular suppliers and manufacturers of a comprehensive range of TG Barrier Clip in China. You can get our TG Barrier Clip at a leading market rate.

So far, APAC provides innovative solutions for TG Barrier Clips to moreover 500 companies including the world’s top 50 construction companies.

We will provide you with a comprehensive turnkey TG Barrier Clip solution to thousands of customers in the leading market.

We are looking forward to a business partner investor for our business. We have a wide range of TG Barrier Clips perfect for your startup business.

For more information about the TG Barrier Clip, please do contact our team right away!

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