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APAC is a Chinese enterprise that has enough know-how and experience to support your business on temporary edge protection products.
You can get a one-stop solution with our world-class technology and quality control system on formwork edge protection.

Formwork Edge Protection Systems
Premier Manufacturer in China

If you visit here, then you must need formwork edge protection systems.
APAC will be your best choice. We offer consultation, manufacturing and logistic services,
one-stop solution for all temporary edge protection on construction sites.

Formwork Edge Protection
The Construction Sites We Served

We can custom any type of formwork edge protection based on your project with detailed requirements.
Let APAC help you design and manufacture your temporary edge protection components, skyrocket your own brand!

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Formwork Edge Protection Systems
Supplier & Manufacturer

APAC has been a construction site safety products supplier and manufacturer for over 10 years, we can develop construction sites for almost every possible edge protection system.
APAC has been engaged in the design and manufacturing of temporary edge protection systems including concrete edge protection systems, steel structure edge protection systems, formwork edge protection systems and so on.
The components are manufactured according to EN 13374, AS/NZS 4994, OHSA standards and customer-specific requirements.
Our edge protection systems have been sold all over the world for wide use in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UAE, Singapore, Indonesia etc.

  • Quality

    APAC has engaged in manufacturing and design construction site safety products for over 10 years, we always devote ourselves to improve the design and manufacturing technology and supply better quality products to our customers from all over the world.
    • Each QC for the production process
    • Compliant with EN 13374, AS/NZS 4994, and OSHA standards
    • Report quality defects or potential issues
  • Production

    APAC recognized it’s important to have our own factory, so we invested 5 factories after establishment. This guarantees us to take a high-efficiency manufacture process on starting your order from material procurement to packing, even during the peak season.
    • Material Incoming Inspection
    • Automatic production lines create your projects in an efficient manner
    • Final inspection before shipping
  • Safety

    We know unreliable quality and delivery may result in your potential loss, therefore APAC continuously optimizes the operation process, stick to higher productivity, rapid response and fast delivery.
    • Unique Tracking Number
    • Perform Testing upon your request
    • Exemplary after-sales services and technical assistance

Your Edge Protection Systems
Production Capacity Guarantee

  • Raw Material Inspection

    Raw Material Inspection

    Cooperating with famous steel brands and purchasing agencies, We only adopt premium materials to manufacture high-quality edge protection components.
  • Steel Tube Cutting

    Steel Tube Cutting

    4000W high-performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.
  • Frame Welding

    Frame Welding

    Multi-Functioning welding equipment, high accuracy, no deformation, which complies with AS/NZS 4994.1:2009 and EN Standard.
  • Powder-coating


    High-quality powder-coating process makes the edge protection panels corrosion resistant. The color is in your choice from the RAL range.
  • Strict Final Test

    Strict Final Test

    These test checks are done from the inspection of materials, the manufacturing process, and lastly after production, we always providing quality.
  • Delivery Packaging

    Delivery Packaging

    The Customized Pallet of Edge Protection Fence Panel is propitious to long Transportation, to ensure the surface is not broken during the whole delivery.

How APAC can be Unique in OEM/ODM Solutions

  • Physical Design

    Physical Design

    We are here to ensure your edge protection systems are made with colors, logos, and designs just the way your project wanted. Manufacturing will be started after your confirmation.
  • Versatile Components

    Versatile Components

    From concrete structure to steel structure, we create versatile components that can meet the specific project needs of various application scenarios.
  • Surface TreatmentSurface Treatment

    Surface TreatmentSurface Treatment

    From hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing, plastic spraying, paint spraying or matte, we have a rich selection of surface processes that can bolster your edge protection systems durability and your branding.
  • Optional Packaging

    Optional Packaging

    All the components are packed follow to the mill packing standard after strict inspection. In addition, we also can supply the customized specific packing according to your need.

Always Supply Competitive
Formwork Edge Protection Systems for You

As a manufacturer with 10 years of experience in construction site safety products producing and designing, APAC is committed to improving the quality of our products, meanwhile, we have been transforming the process from design to production to improve the whole process.

  • Quality


  • Speed


  • Reliability


Our skilled workers and high-performance equipment guarantee our higher productivity.
Good procurement and production rules ensure our high yield, thereby reducing our production costs.
APAC is a company with young and passionate team players with enough business experience. We are always determined to expand our market ventures.
Choose us today, and your temporary edge protection confusing issues will come to a happy end.

Reach Your Greater Business by Partnering with APAC

You may endure common problems with other edge protection system components manufacturing companies, such as:
● High cost of systems such as those manufactured in your own country.
● Crudely fabricated components of lower quality from some countries of Asia
● Unusable due to improper edge protection safety standards or legislation.
● Suppliers Lacking comprehensive inspection or adopting a non-standardized manufacturing process.
● Delivery takes a longer time than anticipated, delay your progress.
● Lack of technical support & assistance during use.
● Installation or dismounting waste time and money.


There is nothing that hurts more than receiving the purchased edge protection systems that are radically different from what you anticipated.
To avoid such disappointments, here we come.
As the NO. 1 manufacture of edge protection system products in China, we not only help you to deliver your edge protection system needs on-time and on-budget, but also provide you the best solutions for your project by avoiding the pitfalls.

● High quality and cost-competitive
● Fast response support team 24×7
● Conforms to OSHA, AS/NZS and CE standards compliance
● Custom ODM Solutions & Profitable OEM Services
● All systems come with technical manual and installation guide
● Service throughout the entire lifespan of your products
To be your full service & custom edge protection system provider, let’s support your business right now.


1.How could I trust you before we cooperate?

Based on the characteristics of international trade, trust is very important for both parties.
First, APAC has manufactured the edge protection systems components for years. We have been trusted by hundreds of clients, some of whom are the global top 50 construction companies. Some customers who have worked together even haven't met each other. All of these are based on trust.
Second, we sincerely welcome you to know more about us before you place the order. Catalogs are prepared for you, please click here. And more videos on Youtube, just subscribe to us for the newest information.
Third, we can accept flexible payment methods to protect the interests of both parties and relieve your worries.

2.Can I see the sample before placing order?

Yes, of course! Before any custom order proceeds into bulk production, you can see the display by pictures and videos.
If you want to see the real sample, we also can arrange the shipment. But you need to pay the fee for yourself. Then we can refund this charge to you when you place your first order.

3.What information must I keep in mind before placing an order or inquiry?

It is crucial that you have some basic information about the edge protection system.
Such information includes facts about the related construction safety laws or fall prevention decrees of your own country, your project, the application and quality to mention but a few.
If you have limited knowledge or the information you have is not clear, contact us, we will guide you through the entire process.

4.How long will it take for this custom edge protection components to be done?

Generally our lead time is approximately 15-30 business days depending on the quantity, we will do our absolute best to meet your needs.
We take pride in our quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness and encourage you to compare us with our edge protection system competitors, because we know you will like what we do!

5.How do you supply after-sale Service?

For all exported goods, like edge protection systems, they are our mature and advantages products. APAC products are tested firstly, we only select that one has the stable and reliable quality for the international market.
Even the product quality is good, if the selection is wrong, there will be problems after installation. So we want to get more information to confirm the details.
If you received our products, there will be an installation manual and guideline videos.
If the edge protection systems are installed, then there is a problem appearing, please take the video at the construction site to show the exact working condition and problems. We would show it to our technical engineer, then give you a solution accordingly.
APAC offers a 1-Year Warranty on ALL edge protection system products. Free replacement within the warranty period if any quality-related issues.
If you have another question, please feel free to contact us.

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