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Custom Your Slab Grabber Guardrail System with APAC
APAC provides a Slab Grabber guardrail system for fall protection applications. The Slab Grabber guardrail system is used to prevent workers from crossing the slab edge and can be used as an alternative to fall protection or safety net systems. The Slab Grabber Fall Protection System is to be placed on any leading edge where there is a risk of falling.
When you install our Slab Grabber guardrail system, you must comply with the safety railing and guardrail requirements specified in our equipment instructions. Personal fall protection, work positioning, climbing, rescue, and any other systems connected to the Slab Grabber Guardrail System are not permitted.
APAC manufactures and supplies the Slab Grabber Guardrail Fall Prevention System that is compliant with all OSHA 1910, 1926 Subpart M regulations and EN 13374 Class A.
The Slab Grabber for the Guardrail System is made from Q235 steel material with a powder-coated or galvanized surface finishing. Slab Grabber can be adjusted to fit concrete beams from 3” to 36” thick.
Allowable spacing between Slab Grabbers is 2.4m handrails and toe boards for the slab grab guardrail system are 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 construction grade timber. The top rail must be 42″ (+/- 3″) above the working surface following OSHA standards.
For the installation, slab grabbers must be installed flush with the substrate and must allow the guardrail posts to be positioned vertically to the work surface. Qualified personnel must consider the concrete substrate compatible with the Slab Grabber.
If Slab Grabber Guardrail System fails inspection in any way, immediately remove it from service, and return to repair. Cleaning after use is important for maintaining the safety and longevity of the Slab Grabber Guardrail System. Remove all dirt, corrosives, and contaminants from Slab Grabber before and after each use. NEVER clean Slab Grabber with corrosive substances.
When the slab grabber guardrail system is not in use, store the equipment in a place that is not exposed to heat, light, excessive humidity, chemicals, or other degrading factors.
Before use, you need to check the Slab Grabber Guardrail System for defects including but not limited to corrosion, distortion, pits, burrs, rough surfaces, sharp edges, cracks, rust, paint build-up, excessive heat, corrosion, and missing or illegible labels.
Stop using Slab Grabber Guardrail Systems immediately if defects or damage are found, or if affected by fall protection forces. At least every 6 months, a competent individual, other than the user, must inspect the Slab Grabber Guardrail System. During the inspection, all applications and hazards to which the Slab Grabber Guardrail System has been subjected are considered.
The full range of slab grabber guardrail parts is manufacture with excellent raw materials. And they have their beneficial features and uses.
APAC is a professional Slab Grabber Guardrail System manufacturer in China with more than 7 years of expertise.
When it comes to seeking an adaptable and flexible temporary edge protection, APAC Slab Grabber Guardrail System has fast become a popular choice.
APAC Edge Protection System is trusted by the top 500 companies throughout the world. We have an experienced team of engineers, project managers, and QA specialists to manage the Slab Grabber Guardrail System manufacturing projects. At APAC, we make sure the product quality is from demand to delivery.
APAC is a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier specializing in the export and production of Slab Grabber Guardrail Systems.
We are not only your Slab Grabber Guardrail System manufacturer and supplier but also your best business partner. APAC provides you with marketing and business solutions.
We have conducted strict quality control systems and advanced guardrail installation equipment to provide high-quality Slab Grabber Guardrails to our valued customers.
We provide only high-end Slab Grabber Guardrail at a reasonable price. APAC is proud to supply a reliable Slab Grabber Guardrail System to improve the business and lives of our customers.
As one of the best Slab Grabber Guardrail manufacturers and suppliers, we will let you experience value-driven services and excellent quality Slab Grabber Guardrail systems.
For more information about APAC Slab Grabber Guardrail Equipment, please contact us today!


  • Concrete Frame Slab Grabber Clamp for Edge Protection

    Concrete Frame Slab Grabber Clamp for Edge Protection

    Slab grabber clamp is an attachment of the guardrail system, it is an adjustable guardrail post. The slab grabber clamp fits concrete slabs from 1.5” up to 36” thick. Concrete slabs must be able to withstand at least 200 lbs. in a downward or outward direction.
    Slab gripping clamp system saves labor and increases efficiency over visual warning lines, with it you can safely work all the way to the edge of the roof or deck structure without being tied off.
    The Slab Grabber Clamp has heavy-duty steel construction and concealed and protected thread system. It can withstand years of abuse in the toughest construction job sites.