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If you are looking for a guardrail system manufacturer, APAC will be your support.
We focus on the design and manufacture of construction site safety products for over 10 years. Our experience engineer team can develop the products for your project whatever the guardrail system you need, at an economic price and on-time delivery.

APAC Guardrail System Support Your Project

If you visit here, then you must need formwork edge protection systems.
APAC will be your best choice. We offer consultation, manufacturing and logistic services,
one-stop solution for all temporary edge protection on construction sites.

Guardrail System Projects
from Around The World

Applications for the Guardrail System include temporary guardrails around warehouse & work sites, rooftop and parapet.

  • Guardrail System (1)

    Guardrail System (1)

  • Guardrail System (2)

    Guardrail System (2)

  • Guardrail System (3)

    Guardrail System (3)

  • Guardrail System (4)

    Guardrail System (4)

Your Premier Custom Guardrail System Supplier

APAC has been devoting ourselves to providing high quality, reliable construction site safety products that protect people who work on-site, particularly those that work at height. Working with us guarantees you all the expertise you’ll need to make proactive decision about temporary edge protection.

  • Quality

    APAC offers leading quality assurance and testing solutions to ensure the guardrail system meets the safety and regulatory requirements in your country.
    • Each QC for the production process
    • Compliant with EN 13374, AS/NZS 4994, and OSHA standards
    • Report quality defects or potential issues
  • Production

    Aim to deliver superior quality products, we have equipped with sophisticated facilities to guardrail systems beyond your expectations.
    • Material Incoming Inspection
    • Automatic production lines create your projects in an efficient manner
    • Final inspection before shipping
  • Safety

    With specialist solutions available for every application, APAC guardrail system are proven to be more effective, and more adaptable to install than comparable products.
    • Unique Tracking Number
    • Perform Testing upon your request
    • Exemplary after-sales services and technical assistance

How We Manufacture Your Guardrail Systems

  • Raw Material Inspection

    Raw Material Inspection

    Cooperating with famous steel brands and purchasing agencies, We only adopt premium materials to manufacture high-quality edge protection components.
  • Accurate Cutting

    Accurate Cutting

    4000W high-performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.
  • Frame Welding

    Frame Welding

    Each galvanized edge protection barrier has a sturdy and durable 4mm steel wire mesh panel construction, which complies with AS/NZS 4994.1:2009 and EN Standard.
  • Surface Treatment

    Surface Treatment

    From hot galvanizing to powder-coated, we have a rich selection of surface processes that can bolster your edge protection systems' durability and high visibility.
  • Strict Final Test

    Strict Final Test

    These test checks are done from the inspection of materials, the manufacturing process, and lastly after production, we always providing quality.
  • Delivery Packaging

    Delivery Packaging

    The Customized Pallet of Edge Protection Fence Panel is propitious to long Transportation, to ensure the surface is not broken during the whole delivery.

Your 100% Satisfied Turnkey Service at APAC

  • Physical Design

    Physical Design

    Using advanced CAD rendering, we are able to design the guardrail systems according to your needs at the project.
  • Versatile Components

    Versatile Components

    With our widest selection of components and accessories in edge protection, you can rely on us to find a solution that exactly meets your guardrail system needs
  • Meticulous Follow-up

    Meticulous Follow-up

    We will communicate a series of transaction terms with you. In addition, in the process of order production, we will let you know the status of the product in the form of pictures and videos to confirm the production process.
  • After-sales Service

    After-sales Service

    Since the foundation of APAC, we have sold more than tons of edge protection products. We can not say that every component is perfect after our strict inspection, but we face every imperfection with a highly responsible attitude.

Customize Your Branded Guardrail System

APAC provides the ODM & OEM service. Our professional design engineers will configure and design the guardrail system according to your needs.
Of course, we also can customize the guardrail system according to your drawings or samples, the only thing you need is to contact us.
Brand custom can turn your brand visible. It’s critical for first impressions, brand recognition and more.
At APAC, there are three kinds of the most common and economical customization services for your own brand.

  • Sticker


  • Stamping


  • Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving

[First]one is the branded design sticker on the surface. You can request to print any content, size and color like your logo. It’s the favorite economical and practical customized service.
The [second] is stamping. Logos are punched on the bodies of components, but this style doesn't suit the tiny accessories.
The [third] is to laser the logo on the guardrail bodies. This fine display effect can last for a long time without worry about fading.
Because of the cost problem, the second and third kinds of customization will have the MOQ requirement on your order. Customized service is an expansion of our ability to serve you better. Our core competence is to provide reliable guardrail systems at competitive price.
Contact us to show you the capacity.

APAC: Your First Choice for Guardrail System Supplier

You may endure common problems with other edge protection system components manufacturing companies, such as:
● High cost of systems such as those manufactured in your own country.
● Crudely fabricated components of lower quality from some countries of Asia
● Unusable due to improper edge protection safety standards or legislation.
● Suppliers Lacking comprehensive inspection or adopting a non-standardized manufacturing process.
● Delivery takes a longer time than anticipated, delay your progress.
● Lack of technical support & assistance during use.
● Installation or dismounting waste time and money.


Now, forget those persistent problems!
As the NO. 1 manufacture of edge protection system products in China, we not only help you to deliver your edge protection system needs on-time and on-budget, but also provide you the best solutions for your project by avoiding the pitfalls.

● High quality and cost-competitive
● Fast response support team 24×7
● Conforms to OSHA, AS/NZS and CE standards compliance
● Custom ODM Solutions & Profitable OEM Services
● All systems come with technical manual and installation guide
● Service throughout the entire lifespan of your products
To be your full service & custom edge protection system provider, for all your temporary edge protection needs, contact us now.


1.What is the guardrail system?

Guardrail system is a reliable and convenient system used to protect workers from falls when working at heights or between levels including falls from roofs, balconies, stairwells or falls into open holes.
In terms of procurement costs, the guardrail system is a preferred means of protecting workers, because it does not rely on the experienced worker to use, inspect, and maintain
Guardrails are used wildly and can be seen in: construction sites, warehouses, work areas in natural settings, and any workplace with an accessible rooftop.

2.When and where do I need to use guardrail system?

The safety of workers is the first priority in construction operations. If the fall hazard or working at heights cannot be eliminated, you do need to take some action to avoid falling.
when a worker could have access to the unprotected edge work platform and is exposed to a fall from a height or between levels, you should consider to edge protection systems, such as guardrail systems.
You can install a guardrail system in these places:
1. at the edging of concrete frames or rooftops where workers may operate
2. on open edges of slab formwork for floors
3. around scaffolds, raised platforms, or open platforms on aerial devices
4. around a balcony or parapet
5. along the bridges
6. around openings in floors, roofs, and in working surfaces where the openings are not covered or protected
7. anywhere workers could fall into the water, operating machinery, or hazardous substances.
Always check with your jurisdiction for exact requirements.

3.How long will it take for this custom guardrail system components to be done?

For general orders, our lead time is no more than 30 days, or even shorter. That depends on the quantity, we will do our absolute best to meet your needs.
We take pride in our quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness and encourage you to compare us with our edge protection system competitors,because we know you will like what we do!

4.How will my custom guardrail systems be packed?

Most custom components are quoted as “bulk” packed. That does not mean we dump as many products as we can into a big container. Instead, we individually each guardrails to protect them from scratches using PE film, bubble and cardboard to ensure the edge protection systems make them safely to their destination.
Our experience in packing temporary edge protection products has made us very efficient and knowledgeable, you can be in the peace of mind when expect.

5.What is your warranty?

Our after-sales service team has always been based on trust and responsibility, with the concept of customer first, providing high standards of service to customers all over the world.
APAC offers a 1-year warranty for each guardrail system. Within these 12 months, if our products' damage during use (excluding human factors), we will be responsible for replacing the products with quality problems.
For the projects that you participate in the bidding, the product quality assurance and other special terms need special discussion and decision.
If you have another question, just feel free to contact us.

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