High Fall Impact Absorption Telescopic Upright for Safety Net Fan

High Fall Impact Absorption Telescopic Upright for Safety Net Fan

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APAC is a Safety Net Fan Telescopic Uprights manufacturer. It is a height-adjustable element for APAC Safety Net Fan System.

The Telescopic Upright Outer Tube will be bolted to the Top Bracket, the telescopic inner tube has 13 holes, in increments of 200mm / 8″ and should be adjusted to the correct setting before installation commences. Based on the height adjustment, the Telescopic Upright can make the safety net fan suit building floor to floor height from min. 2.6m to max. 4.8m.

Before installing the Safety Net Fan, the telescopic uprights need to be adjusted to the correct floor heights.

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Code: 108002
Weight: 21.5kg
Complies to EN 13374-A
Hot Dipped Galvanized Surface

How do we ensure Safety Net Fan Bottom Brackets quality?


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Mechanical Testing


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Why APAC Safety Net Fan Bottom Brackets?

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Safety Net Fan System in Concrete Frame

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Safety Net Fan Unit

As components of a safety net fan system, APAC’s telescopic upright is a heavy-duty modular fall protection support part.

It is widely used in all of your construction sites with the risk of falls, include bridge construction, highway construction, and other infrastructural & industrial constructions.

APAC’s telescopic upright outer tubes are made from 50mm x 50mm x 5mm high strength S235 grade steel tubes. The telescopic upright outer tubes are made from 40mm x 40mm x 4mm square tubes with holes punched on them for telescopic adjustment.

There have brackets at bottom of the telescopic upright outer tubes for connecting with the locking brace by bolts and nuts.

APAC’s telescopic uprights are mostly in hot-dip galvanizing finishing. While other surface treatments are available according to your construction requirement.

More than telescopic uprights, you can find complete parts of the APAC Safety Net Fan system here. Include Top Bracket, Retainer Bracket, Scaffold Couplers, horizontal scaffold tube, Brace Tube and Bottom Bracket, etc.

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