I-Beam Facade Bracket System

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APAC specially designed the I-Beam Facade Bracket system to accommodate multiple situations where safety edge protection is required on I-Beams.
We are a leader manufacturer & supplier of I-beam facade bracket edge protection solutions for steel structures.
APAC I-beam facade bracket system is lightweight but really strong. This system can be adjusted in both horizontal and vertical directions. Steel Beam Installation is very easy and will avoid project time delays without compromising safety. APAC designed the I-beam facade bracket system with the installation site conditions in mind. The I beam facade bracket is attached to the beam web or box section surface by bolting the bracket to a pre-drilled hole.
Allows installation of steel framing systems and metal covers without conflict with edge fall protection.
Mesh barriers are installed away from the edge protection system for steel structures, allowing for uninterrupted installation of metal decking and slabs. The safety and labor efficiency features of the APAC I-Beam Facade Bracket System are far superior to traditional tube clamped I-beam edge protection.
You can install the I-Beam Facade Bracket edge protection system on the ground if conditions permit, which significantly reduces the risk of working at height.
The pre-indexing of the I-beam facade bracket edge protection system guarantees that the mesh barrier is suitable for all subsequent work.
APAC offers you the most efficient I-Beam facade bracket edge protection system on the market. The fixing center of the system is 2.4m. APAC’s system requires fewer steel structure edge protection system components and significantly reduces your installation time.
With APAC I beam facade Bracket EPS, the beam and construction barrier fence are combined into one, allowing multiple barriers to be placed on the beam depending on the length. The sequence shows this happening despite the awkward connection between the I-beam and the web, where the beam has to be fed between the two sides and installed with a significant tilt. Because the barriers are secure, they can be tilted as such without risk.
The I beam facade Bracket EPS installation is carried out using standard APAC posts and parapet fixings and no additional equipment is required. The Steel Beam installation of barrier with beam already attached eliminates the working at height without construction site barriers.
APAC, the leading edge protection manufacturer in China, offers very flexible edge protection system solutions to meet the needs of all protected industries at every stage of the project. I Beam Facade Bracket System is designed for the fixing of edge protection systems for steel structures.
Our I Beam Facade Bracket EPS meets European Standard EN 13374 Class A. 1.2m high, it contains windblown debris and material and has a mesh panel and toe board. It also allows access to the edge of the building to install a cladding system fixing cleats while protecting the cladding installer.
The I Beam Facade Bracket edge protection is initially installed on the perimeter steel structure at ground level and can subsequently be repositioned and passed at any point in the project. At all times, installers and other trades are collectively protected against falls and at all times there is no need for harnesses and lanyards.
APAC cut the cost of edge protection for your project, contact us for more details now.


  • Safety Edge Protection I-Beam Bracket Steel Frame Structures

    Safety Edge Protection I-Beam Bracket Steel Frame Structures

    APAC‘s Facade I Beam Bracket is the pre-installed attachment in the framework for our I Beam Facade Edge Protection System. It is mounted to the surface of the I Beam web, considerably facilitate the installation of the edge protection.

    The I-Beam Facade Brackets are integrated into the brackets used to fix the 1.2m Safedge Posts. The Bracket is adjustable in horizontal to fit different I Beam installation tasks.

    In addition, APAC’s I-Beam Facade Bracket has a 1.2m height flute fixed to the body to ensure that it can be adjusted to fit different height applications.

  • HSE Safety Post 1.2m Construction Leading Edge Protection

    HSE Safety Post 1.2m Construction Leading Edge Protection

    Safedge posts 1.2m are the vertical component of our Safedge Bolt Down edge protection system.

    Our Safedge Bolt Down edge protection systems and components are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN 13374 and AS/NZS 4994.1 standards.

    The Edge Protection Safedge Post 1.2m is integrated with two latch pins for locking the mesh barrier in position. This design allows you not to use additional mesh barrier clips. Also, the special locking mechanism makes the post-installation very easy and fast.

    The hot-dipped galvanized Edge Protection Safedge Post 1.2m gives you a durable edge protection system for the long term.

    Please send us your Edge Protection Safedge Posts requirements for competitive pricing.

  • Edge Protection Construction Fence Panel Mesh Barrier 2.6m

    Edge Protection Construction Fence Panel Mesh Barrier 2.6m

    Safedge safety mesh barriers 2.6m are system protection barriers with mesh infill. You can customize Safedge mesh barriers for your edge protection demand.

    APAC is the most professional manufacturer of safedge mesh barrier 2.6m in China and the products are appreciated by customers.

    Safedge Safety Mesh Barrier 2.6m integrates a frame, infill mesh, and toe board. safedge Safety Mesh Barrier 2.6m’s robust design ensures that the system not only meets but also exceeds many safety standards such as EN13374 Class A, AS/NZS 4994.1.

    The Safedge Safety Mesh Barrier 2.6m in hot-dipped galvanized with a powder coating finish extends the life of the edge protection system and prevents corrosion.

    Please send your Safedge safety mesh barrier requirements for competitive pricing.

  • Factory Supply Mesh Barrier 1.3m Construction Safety Fence

    Factory Supply Mesh Barrier 1.3m Construction Safety Fence

    APAC Safedge Mesh Barrier 1.3m is Edge Protection Parts. It is guardrail Elements of the Edge Protection System.

    You can use APAC Safedge Mesh Barrier in our Bolt Down Edge Protection System, Slab Grab Edge Protection System, Slab Edge Bracket Edge Protection System, Stair Edge Protection, Steel Frame Edge Protection, and Formwork Edge Protection System.

    APAC is the Safedge Mesh Barrier expert Manufacturer. Our Safedge Mesh Barrier 1.3m Steel Production is According to ISO9001 Quality Controlling System. In safety regulation, APAC’s Safedge Mesh Barrier are conformed to EN 13374, AS 4994, and OHSA standards.

    Send Us Your Safedge Mesh Barrier Requirement to Get Latest Price from APAC.