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Company News

Edge protection systems delivered for one of World Top 50 Building Contractors

Have already visited: 1410/10/2018  

    We have already packed the two container Mesh Barrier of a client in Singapore and will send them to Singapore soon.

    This is a batch of high quality Mesh Barrier sheets that meet all the requirements of our customers.


Details info:

Temporary edge protection systems/Fall protection systems

  High performance products meets EN13374  Class A;

  Save workers life and reduce the accident cost for high profit;

  Rich supply experience for UK professional edge protection supplier;

  Deep understanding for european standards;

  Strong customized design capabilities;

  Timely, accurate and fast response from professional sales team with engineering background;

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Contact Us
  • Email: info@apacltd.com
  • Call: 0086-512-66700084
  • Add: No.111 Wusongjiang Ave., Wuzhong District, Suzhou City, China
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