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meshguard system helps glass curtain wall installation

Have already visited: 71404/17/2019  

APAC's flexible edge protection systems, can help our clients calmly facing serious challenges in their construction work.

See pictures as follow:


Installing glass curtain wall is one of most dangerous work in construction site.workers need work very near the slab edge,and drill the hole,place the curtain wall on right position.

Edge protection systems must meet two requests.

   1.Protect worker from falling;

   2.Edge protection systems do not influence the installion work of curtain wall.

Our edge protection systems (see our 3D pictures as follow) utilizes feet, 1.8m safety post, 1.5m-2.5m link bar and 2.6m mesh panel to meet those requests.

Due to convenient design of latch device, mesh panel and link bar can install on both side of safety post. mesh panel can be two pcs when post high to 2.4m, link bar can be three. 

Normal work time, mesh panel installed on post give a good protection for workers, when installing curtain wall, mesh panel can be quickly remove, two pcs or three link bar can give a temporary protection

for workers.

Our systems developed for high safety construction site and high construction effective.Our flexible edge protection solutions will support our clients arrive higher safety mangement level.

Welcome to learn more about our systems.





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Contact Us
  • Email: info@apacltd.com
  • Call: 0086-512-66700084
  • Add: No.2588 WuZhong Ave., Wuzhong District, Suzhou, China
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