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Construction firm fined £55k after young worker falls from height

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According the news from PBC Today:

Construction company Mark Holland Group has been fined £55,620 after a 17 year-old worker fell through an opening for a roof light and sustained multiple broken bones

Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court heard how, on 20 August 2018, an employee of Mark Holland Group Ltd fell through a sheet of insulation covering a skylight when walking across an unmarked and unguarded area on the first floor of a construction site in Southgate Street, Gloucester.

The worker suffered multiple broken bones in his right leg and foot and, after two operations, was advised it was unlikely he could work in construction again.

An investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found that the young employee of Mark Holland Group was not supervised properly and was unaware of the risks on site.

HSE inspector Laura Banks said: “This worker’s injuries were life-changing and he could have easily been killed. This serious incident and devastation could have been avoided if basic safeguards had been put in place.

“Falls from height remain one of the most common causes of injuries in the country and the risks associated with working at height are well known.

This case reminds us that edge protection (Fall provention) safeguards are necessary for those work at height, APAC is single China company who is focused on protecting people and improving safety for working at height.



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