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What is edge protection designed to do?

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Edge Protection Systems, when installed on the manufacturers guidelines offer a secure working environment for people working in height. Mesh barrier systems like APAC SAFEDGE have come to be a default for some builders, but others within the sector are still unaware of the innovative alternatives which are readily available to them and how they could save lives and radically enhance installation and maintenance period.

APAC Builders Equipment Ltd are pleased to have been providing innovative border protection alternatives to the Construction and Ground works Industry for more than seven years.

What it is intended to do?

Temporary Edge Protection Systems are employed in building work primarily to stop people and materials from falling to lower levels from the working platform.

An advantage protection system must include a principle guardrail and an intermediate guardrail or intermediate protection.  All elements inside the machine ought to be made to prevent accidental removal or displacement of any part during usage. 

Compliance In the UK, the Work at Height Regulations 2005 regulate the needs for the prevention of falls from height. These regulations make clear the requirement for choosing collective steps like border protection in taste for personal fall protection steps.

Additional to the lawful requirements set out in the Work at Height Regulations 2005, all border protection systems must comply with the British and European Standard for Temporary Edge Protection Systems called BS EN 13374:2013+A1 2018.

This standard specifies the prerequisites for installing border protection on horizontal and inclined functioning surfaces and clearly sets out the prerequisites for fulfilling the 3 types of edge protection:

Class A: Edge protection for horizontal surfaces and slopes around ten degrees.
Class B: Edge protection for horizontal surfaces and slopes around 30 levels or with limits around 45 degrees.  
Class C: Edge protection for steeply sloping surfaces around 45 degrees or with limits to 60 degrees.  

Static load testing, non dynamic loading or large dynamic loading is necessary for each individual category of system.  

Even the Safedge System is strong but flexible and will offer protection for every single phase of the undertaking andnot only meets but surpasses the requirements set out for Class A and Class B systems.

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Or Find out more about the Edge Protection Federation (EPF) code of Practise by following This Link.

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