Counterbalance Footplate – Intelligent Temporary Enclosure Solution

This Monday, 6th, December, 2021 some counterbalance footplates had been manufactured and sent to Auckland, New Zealand. They will used for temporary blocking in the site of our client.

Counterbalance Footplate System

Temporary blocking with the APAC counterbalance footplate is a necessary precaution to ensure safety on the construction site, interrupt hazards and prevent injury or death at work.

APAC’s counterbalance footplate temporary enclosure system is used to create a blocking around the construction site, to provide safety for people in the vicinity of the construction sites.

APAC offers a intelligent temporary enclosure system consisting of counterweight footplates, socket bases, safety posts and mesh barriers. Designed to restrict access to the site to unauthorised personnel and to avoid dangerous effects during construction.

Counterbalance Footplate

We manufacture our counterbalance footplates in strict accordance with the IS09001 quality control system. Our strict control of the manufacturing process ensures that you get the best quality products.

Our counterbalance footplate weighs approximately 9kg and we have welded 10mm thick steel plates to the back of it to add weight to it so that it can withstand its own weight and the effects of wind.

Counterbalance Footplate with Counterweight Plate

Our counterbalance footplates usually are powder coated after welding, can be supplied in any RAL colour per your request. Of course, a hot-dipped galvanized finish is also workable.

The system is easier to install, simply screw the socket base into the screw hole on the counterbalance footplate, insert the safety post and then attach the mesh barrier. No extra tools are required, one worker can complete the assembly in 5 minutes, this can significantly increase the work efficiency and thus save your labour costs.Counterbalance Footplate with mesh barrier
If you are looking for an excellent temporary enclosure solution, APAC’s counterbalance footplate system is the best blocking solution for you. Contact us today for the latest pricing of our counterbalance footplate.

Post time: Dec-09-2021