Temporary Edge Protection Systems for UK and Worldwide

APAC is the leading Chinese supplier of temporary edge protection systems for the construction industry.
Working at height is the most common cause of death and serious injury in the construction industry. APAC, the experts in temporary edge protection, have a range of fall protection products to protect your workers at height and throughout the site from the beginning to the end of the project.
APAC edge protection systems are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, so customers can choose the installation method to install and remove them as needed. Because our systems are easy to install, it makes your site more efficient while ensuring the safety of your workers working at height.

All of our systems are manufactured in China and are available for delivery in the UK and worldwide, with door-to-door delivery available for our products.

Our edge protection systems are used to remove injuries and fatalities from working at height, and it is the goal of all our work, from design to manufacturing, sales and superior customer service.
APAC’s edge protection systems are the appropriate choice when

Steel framed structures
APAC’s temporary edge protection systems are used on steel framed structures.
The J-Safe Mesh Barrier System is connected to the steel structure via I Beam Clamp or I Beam Facade Bracket and is a collective safety system designed for your project.
Thanks to years of experience and clever design, our system is compatible with most brands on the market and is a very robust and safe edge protection system for steel frame structures.




Connected to concrete frames
APAC’s temporary edge protection systems can be used on precast concrete structures.
The system is available in a variety of attachments for different installation methods on precast concrete structures, including cast-in sleeves or screws, Slab Grab, Compression Post and more. The system is quick to install and uninstall, not only keeps your workers safe, but also saves you time and money on your project, making it a very reliable temporary edge protection.

slab concrete

Post time: Dec-26-2021