OHSA Standard Fall Protection Guardrail Post with High Quality

OHSA Standard Fall Protection Guardrail Post with High Quality

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Guardrail Post is manufactured from S235 Grade galvanized steel material. It provides post support for your Base Guardrail System.
As your Guardrail Post preferred supplier and partner for construction safety, APAC manufactures high-quality Guardrail Posts to meet the fall protection requirements of your construction sites.
With advanced facilities, talented staff, and quality production, APAC meets all your guardrail post needs.
You can easily insert APAC’s Guardrail Post into the Socket Base Foot. You can connect and lock the guardrail post to the socket base foot with a locking pin. The three hooks on it are for mounting guardrail handrails and toe board.

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Code: 502002

Weight: 4.0kg

Surface: Galvanized Steel

APAC- Your Expert Guardrail Post Manufacturer

APAC’s Guardrail Post is made from the Ø 48.3 mm scaffold tube. Three hooks are welded to the scaffold tube then. Two hooks upward are for fitting the guardrail handrails and one hook downward is for connecting the toe board.

The gap from the top hook to the working surface is 950mm and the two handrail locks are 400mm far away.  The integrated toe board hook is on the same level as the working surface. When installing the toe board, you need to nail the timber to the hooks.

Why APAC Guardrail Post

APAC creates the most satisfying guardrail posts for our customers with superior technology and advanced guardrail system concepts. We offer our customers a one-stop service that will significantly reduce their product development and procurement costs.

APAC is equipped with experienced engineers and skilled workers to ensure that your Guardrail Posts are always of the highest quality. We pack Guardrail Posts on good pallets for easy transportation and storage.

APAC galvanized Guardrail Posts

APAC is your professional manufacturer and supplier of guardrail systems in China. APAC has state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery, technical engineers with over 6 years of experience, and highly trained workers to maintain a consistent level of quality in all guardrail posts.

APAC can supply many types of Guardrail Systems, which are manufactured in strict accordance with ISO 9001 standards. We pride ourselves on producing the perfect Guardrail Post with the help of our professional workers and engineers, who put quality first and control every step of production.

If you are looking for a Guardrail Posts manufacturer, choose APAC. APAC provides Guardrail Posts in a good and professional manner and we offer a one-stop service for edge protection to keep your construction site safe.

APAC specializes in processing a wide range of guardrail components such as fence base feet, fence posts, and fence handrails. If you have special requirements, let us know and our engineers will work with you to design your own edge protection products. All our Guardrail Post products undergo a rigorous multi-stage testing process to ensure that the products you receive from us are of high quality.

If you are looking for high quality but competitively priced Guardrail Post, APAC is the right choice for you. We will be happy to receive your guardrail post inquiry. You can contact us now at any time.

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