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Your Trustworthy Partner in

As an established ceramic manufacturer focusing on edge protection, APAC takes pride in the quality and consistency of our products.
The "P" between "APAC" means "Professional" and “Partner”. We are committed to being your professional temporary edge protection partner.
We have excellent product design, production management, quality assurance and after-sales service teams. Both our members are working closely together to provide professional site safety solutions for you.
In APAC, you can not only find world-class custom products that conform to international safety standards, but also steadily built a long relationship by trust and learn each other to achieve our common safety goal.

Strong Factory Stand by Your Side

Every design and finished article are done in-house by our experienced technical team. The high-quality products make your worksite safer in resonating with your project needs in different application scenarios.

Not Your Average Edge Protection Supplier

As a technical manufacturer, high-quality standards are upheld throughout our entire manufacturing process.
Design → Raw material inspection → Sampling → Mechanical processing → Welding → Surface treatment → Inspection → Packing
To produce edge protection components stably and efficiently, we utilize innovative manufacturing machinery. Through the automatic cutting, welding equipment and powder-coating line, we can ensure a standard and normative procedure throughout the process flow. Our equipment significantly minimizes flaws or errors and promotes our production speed.
APAC has received the trust among global clients, by following a strict quality control standard.
We wish to deliver the value of excellent "Made In China" edge protection systems to stand the test of time and the market.

Rigid Inspection and Punctual Delivery
for Your Project

Excellent products are configured with quality assurance production coupled with meticulous inspections. Our QC team of dedicated personnel provides quality testing for your order, the quality standard rate of 100% assures your edge protection products are reliable.
Except for the products, we also deliver all your goods on time, by using our year's connections to efficient shipping lines.

Convenient and Cost-Effective One-Stop Service

Responding to all your edge protection needs, every procedure, from material to ship to your door, we practice excellence to ensure our products will surpass your expectations.

● Professional Technical Team
● Consistent Quality
● Custom ODM Solutions
● Large Order Discount

● Years of Expertise
● Efficiency Response
● Profitable OEM Services
● Timely After-sale Service