Socket Base

Socket Base

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The socket base is the base component of the Safedge Bolt Down Edge Protection System. Edge Protection Socket bases are typically anchored into the concrete slab. APAC is an edge protection socket base Manufacturer In China. We Produce Edge Protection Socket Base according to EN 13374 Class A & Class B, AS/NZS 4994.1, and OHSA standards.

You can install APAC’s edge protection socket base on any concrete surface either at a pre-cast stage using inserts or by drilling. We customize your edge protection socket base according to your construction design too.

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Code: 101001
Weight: 1.5kg
Surface: Hot-dip galvanized.
Height: 175mm
Foot Diameter: 130mm
Several bolt alternatives.
Positioned up to 2.4m center to support safedge posts

How do we ensure edge protection Socket Base quality?


Raw Material Examination

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing


Welding Examination


Dimension Examination


Assembly Examination


Loading Capacity Test

Why APAC Edge Protection Socket Base?


Typical Safedge Bolt Down Edge Protection Assembly

The socket base can be installed as an attachment for the edge protection system. Socket bases can be used on the edges of floor slabs, stairs, and other situations where drilling is possible.

Our socket bases can be installed on almost all types of material. Socket bases allow you set up the edge protection system very quickly and flexibly.

The socket base is mounted on the top surface of the slab, it allows the Safedge Post to be inserted and locked in place very fast.

The socket base can be used in conjunction with a variety of bolts for various jobs on the edge of the slab, e.g. concrete screw, self-tapping screws, etc.

The socket base is the ideal accessory for your edge protection system, please contact us if you have any requirements for the socket base.

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