Stair Mesh Barrier Safety Fence Edge Protection for Staircase

Stair Mesh Barrier Safety Fence Edge Protection for Staircase

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The stair mesh barrier is designed for stair slopes of 30 degrees and provides continuous edge protection along the staircase. Used in conjunction with the Safedge safety post, it can also be raised to allow work to be carried out on the outside of the stair unit. The stair mesh guard is a separate component that can be installed on the other side of the staircase.

The Stair Mesh Barrier was designed according to EN 13374 Class A, Toeboard is integrated into it for ease and speed of installation. The barrier is robust and durable framed units for long life and a great return on investment.

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Code: 105004
Weight: 14.0kg
Galvanized / Powder Coating
Developed as an alternative handrail option for Adjustable Handrails
Integrated frame and toe board

How do we ensure edge protection Stair Mesh Barrier quality?


Raw Material Examination

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing


Welding Examination


Dimension Examination


Assembly Examination


Loading Capacity Test

Why APAC Edge Protection Stair Mesh Barrier?

Why APAC Edge Protection Stair Mesh Barrier

Typical Mesh Barrier Stair Edge Protection System

Traditionally, temporarily protecting the edge of a staircase during construction has previously been complex and expensive.

In order to apply edge protection system panels to staircases, a series of specially profiled Stair Mesh Barriers have been developed by APAC.

APAC’s Stair Mesh Barrier avoids the many cutting tubes, sharp ends and the protection has been greatly improved compared to the traditional products. It also provides a smooth,snag-free termination to each flight.

The stair mesh barrier provides a systematic solution that is quick and easy to install and can be used on both left and right sides.

The stair mesh barrier will be fixed to the Safedge safety posts and the smooth top frame can be used as guard railings.

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