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APAC design and manufacture high-quality stair edge protection systems and custom edge protection system components for more than 10 years.
With our own construction site safety products manufacturer factories, experienced technical team, complete database and high-level quality standards, APAC is your best partner for temporary edge protection solutions.

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APAC is well-known in China as the leading manufacturer of high-quality custom edge protection systems. We also manufacture custom stair edge protection systems with the form-fitting edges of stairs. These are highly made for construction sites. We have temporary stairwell edge protection systems with handrails or barriers for you.
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If you are looking for a fast, reliable custom stair edge protection systems manufacturer in China, APAC will be your best choice.
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Your Professional Edge Protection Systems Manufacturer In China

APAC has supplied the most extensive lines of custom & replaceable edge protection systems elements for construction sites. Through the years of edge protection systems production experience and testimonials from overseas markets, APAC has high-efficiency manufacture and QC ability to support your projects on temporary edge protection.

  • Quality

    APAC can guarantee all edge protection system components from us are totally conform to international safety standards in dimensions and function, so you can easily fit them into your project.
    • Each QC for the production process
    • Compliant with EN 13374, AS/NZS 4994, and OSHA standards
    • Report quality defects or potential issues
  • Production

    Most APAC workers have more than 5 years of manufacturing experience, they know the whole production flow very well and keep eyes for every process detail.
    • Material Incoming Inspection
    • Automatic production lines create your projects in an efficient manner
    • Final inspection before shipping
  • Safety

    Whether for steps during your project assembly or after service, APAC is a reliable supplier to help you effectively reduce the falling risk and protect construction sites for safety such as workers and objects.
    • Unique Tracking Number
    • Perform Testing upon your request
    • Exemplary after-sales services and technical assistance

How Do We Control the Quality of
Every Manufacturing Process

  • Strict Material Procurement

    Strict Material Procurement

    Whether material in steel or plastic, APAC purchase from certificated material suppliers and develop long-term cooperation with them.
  • Advanced Cutting Technology

    Advanced Cutting Technology

    4000W high-performance laser cutting machine, +/- 0.05mm accuracy. No burr, no scratching.
  • Skilled Frame Welding

    Skilled Frame Welding

    Multi-Functioning welding equipment, high accuracy, no deformation, which complies with AS/NZS 4994.1:2009 and EN Standard.
  • Automatic Powder-Coating Line

    Automatic Powder-Coating Line

    To help you achieve desired edge protection barrier, all our panels are powder-coated in an automatic line to avoid bring in other impurities enter into your system.
  • Strict Final Test

    Strict Final Test

    The tolerance of products is strictly controlled to keep the same with our designs. And we do strict inspections to ensure all edge protection system components are up to the standard requirement before your delivery.
  • Fast Packaging & Shipping

    Fast Packaging & Shipping

    We will pack each portable metal fence panel in polyethylene, and dozens of panels will be packed in customized pallets.

Your Expert in Any Types of Edge Protection Systems

  • Physical Design

    Physical Design

    Using advanced CAD rendering, we are able to design the portable fence panels according to your needs at the project.
  • Versatile Components

    Versatile Components

    From concrete structure to steel structure, we create versatile components that can meet the specific project needs of various application scenarios.
  • Surface Treatment

    Surface Treatment

    From hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing, plastic spraying, paint spraying or matte, we have a rich selection of surface processes that can bolster your edge protection systems durability and your branding.
  • Optional Packaging

    Optional Packaging

    We can bolster the market presence of your edge protection system through our extensive optional packaging pattern, letting you increase brand awareness.

Delivery High-efficiently to All Our Customers

Throughout the entire process of APAC management, a credible supply chain is vital and very important for the success of our business so far. With years of firm cooperation with freight forwarders, we have become experts in what is of the utmost importance to you—on-time delivery.

  • Strict Quality

    Strict Quality

  • Fast Speed

    Fast Speed

  • Rugged Reliability

    Rugged Reliability

Whether it is samples, trial orders or bulk items, we will track the delivery status and monitor the continuous performance of our transporters to ensure that high standards of care and punctuality are maintained for your edge protection system components.

Skyrocket your Business with
APAC's High-quality Edge Protection Systems

You may endure common problems with other edge protection system components manufacturing companies, such as:
● High cost of systems such as those manufactured in your own country.
● Crudely fabricated components of lower quality from some countries of Asia
● Unusable due to improper edge protection safety standards or legislation.
● Suppliers Lacking comprehensive inspection or adopting a non-standardized manufacturing process.
● Delivery takes a longer time than anticipated, delay your progress.
● Lack of technical support & assistance during use.
● Installation or dismounting waste time and money.


Now, forget those persistent problems!
As the NO. 1 manufacture of edge protection system products in China, we not only help you to deliver your edge protection system needs on-time and on-budget, but also provide you the best solutions for your project by avoiding the pitfalls.

● Owns high-technology machinery and powder-coating production line
● Dedicated team to provide you fast replies and communication within 8 hours
● 30-40 days from our factory to your project if global shipping as fast
● Conforms to OSHA, AS/NZS and CE standards compliance
● All systems come with technical manual and installation guide
● As you want, no limit to your logos, colors and designs
Because of that, APAC is known as a trusted manufacturer of custom edge protection systems in China.
As a professional manufacturer, APAC can certainly provide what you need!


1.What are the advantages of stair edge protection systems?

Stairs are often a well-travelled passageway for workers and materials during the construction process. Before the project finish, staircases present a dangerous potential for falls when working at height. So the stair edge protection systems are specifically designed for fall prevention.
APAC offers a safety system incorporating stair edge protection. Telescopic handrails or edge protection barriers can be easily installed on the post to fit stairways of any size or configuration in concrete buildings and timber frame buildings for reliability and safety.

2.What are the components of stair edge protection systems?

The APAC designed Stairway System provides a unique temporary edge protection solution for use on all open stairwells and landings.
It's a modular system of three different types that can be used on all kinds of staircases as well as concrete slab flooring and steel beam constructions.
Clamp on Stair Edge Protection System is constructed by stair clamps, safety posts and adjustable handrails.
Mesh Barrier Stair Edge Protection System is formed from stair clamps, safety posts and stair mesh barriers.
Socket Base Stairway Edge Protection System consists of socket bases, safety posts and adjustable handrails.
All the APAC Stairsafety Systems are simple to configure and quick to install with no specialist training required for installation.

3.What are the most common wood guardrail defects?

The stairwell structures permanently exposed during the construction progress to weather, long-term decay or fastener/connector corrosion is more likely, and can contribute to a failure.
Furthermore, wood guardrails failure is most commonly caused by failure of the connection of the guard post to the deck, the connection of the rails to the post, or the connection of the pickets to the rails.

4.What is the best material for making stair edge protection system? 

Q235 is a plain carbon structural steel, known as Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, and Q235D in China.
The density of this steel is 7.85 g/cm3, tensile strength is 370-500 MPa; yield strength is 235 MPa (data are for steel bar or steel plate diameter ≤ 16mm).
Q235 performs well in strength, welding, and plasticity, so It is commonly rolled into a steel plate, rod, bar, or angle frame, and it's wildly used in the engineering and construction industries, such as scaffolding.
Most edge protection system components are made by Q235B. If you have any special requirements for the raw material, just contact us.

5.What are stair edge protection system Quality Standards? 

People working on heights must be protected from falling from any exposed edge. Similarly, those who install the selected protection must also be protected from falling. Edge protection can be achieved in many ways.
In Europe, EN 13374 provides for the design of temporary edge protection systems and requires a system to withstand loads applied perpendicular, horizontal and vertical to the system for three classes: Class A, Class B and Class C.
In AS, all the edge protection systems should be designed to meet relevant design and load requirements of AS4994.1:2009 “Temporary edge protection” standard and AS1657: 2018.
OSHA 1926.501(b) states: “Each employee who is constructing a leading edge 6 feet (1.8 m) or more above lower levels shall be protected from falling by guardrail systems, safety net systems, or personal fall arrest systems.”
So the edge protection systems are very necessary for construction sites.
At APAC, all the components conform to the international standard, and we would like to hear from you.
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Or, do you want to start edge protection systems OEM business?
You can talk to us here at APAC, our technical team is here to help you.

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